Feature purpose: Define and modify on-demand your Custom Reference Price per Pricing channel through your Workspace settings menu

Your Custom Reference Price can be used as:

Functional guidelines:

  • Define the pricing channel(s) where you want to apply your custom reference price changes

  • Use the dedicated area to simply copy-paste SKU numbers and their corresponding prices

  • Tell us by selecting the "header" button if you want to paste your data with or without column headers

  • Click on the "UPLOAD" button to integrate your new Custom Reference Prices into your application. Last uploaded data will overwrite any existing values

  • Use the "Download Current content" to consult at any time what are the current integrated Custom Reference Prices

Customer Tips:

  • Your Min&Max selling prices are configured by default during your setup phase according to a chosen baseline, use your Min & Max Selling Price Limitations menu to modify your limitation at Product level

  • If your Custom Reference Price is used as a baseline for your Min&Max selling price AND a given product does NOT have a "Custom Reference Price" uploaded, then we will use the average transactional price of the last day (with at least 1 quantity sold) to define the "Custom Reference Price" for that given product or the first positive price in the "end_consumer price" column of your catalog

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