Feature purpose

  • Enable you to upload manually on-demand whatever data type directly from your application

  • Enable you to feed your application with accurate data and up to date graphs visualization

  • Enable you to request on-demand your Price recommendations & Price Alerts

Simple Functional guidelines

Important: You need to start with the upload of your Inventory file by filling in all available columns. Upload of other types of files will be available immediately after

  1. Download the relevant template based on the data you want to upload. Select "Download Template" below the "Download" button

    Find more details on how to use those templates with this article
    Template fields definitions

  2. Easily fill in (copy-paste) the relevant template with data from your internal Database or BI tool.


    • To ensure a seamless upload, we recommend that you respect the templates mentioned in Step 1

    • When you paste numerical values, please remove all spaces to avoid errors in the data integration

  3. Click on the UPLOAD button to load your(s) file(s) in our system
    Nb: You can upload several files (no limitation) per data type. In case of overlapping data, we'll use the latest upload

    Severals Uploading status:

    • Valid => Your file is recognized by our system as well as its content

    • Invalid => Your file couldn't start the integration of its data because of an error

    • Processing => We are in the process of integrating your data into our system

    • Imported => We successfully integrated your data into our system

    • Error => Find out the reason in the corresponding error message

    When uploading is finished:

    • Products categorization, based on up-to-date hierarchical levels will be performed

    • Products will be available for selection when creating a Rule Based Pricing portfolio and/or a Price alert

    • Portfolio Simulation step will be available to an accurate and up to date simulation results

  4. Click on the "RUN all processes" button to launch PricingHUB computation

    The involved processes are:

    • Inventory refreshment process feeding your Portfolio Management & Trading Management module

    • Reporting graphs feeding the Trading Management module

    • Pricing Engine feeding the Price Recommendation module

    • Alert Engine feeding the Price Alert module

    Nb: The "Run all processes" button is available as soon as a file is integrated, but the computation will start only after all the updated files have been processed

🎉 Congratulations! You are now ready to fully enjoy use your application 🎉


Customer Tips:

  • Without any upload from your side, your different features will not be available

  • Use the buttons "Download Inventory" & "Download Integrated Days" to understand easily what data is already integrated

  • Find the information of the last "Run all processes" in all the menu of the application

  • If you wish, you can ask our system to generate these actions several times a day by simply clicking again on the "Run all processes" button when it's available

  • In some cases, if you have integrated an incomplete file it is possible that the "Processing" step does not stop, you will have to restart the Upload of your file to start again

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